Rio isn’t to blame for Misguided “Comedy”

Those of you who who are familiar with my blog may remember my review on the 1983 movie “Flashdance”, around this time last year. It was a mediocre movie at best, not the worst I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely far from being my most spectacular movie experience. As I detailed in that review, I was irritated by the characters, the plot and the whole implausibility of the premise. I was convinced that, at the time, I wouldn’t find need to review another  movie which annoyed me to the same extent as that one did.

Alas, I was sadly mistaken, as I came across one such film-  1984’s “Blame it on Rio”, starring British actor and Oscar Winner Michael Caine. I was hoping that due to Caine being a part of the cast, and with Hollywood starlet Demi Moore in her first movie role, that it would add an appeal to it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, as will be explained.

The Plot in a Nutshell: Matthew (Caine) and Victor (Joseph Bologna) are best friends and businessmen who operate multiple hotels in several areas. Each has a teenage daughter- Nikki (Moore) for Matthew, and Jennifer (newcomer Michelle Johnson) for Victor. Victor is going through a rough divorce. Matthew’s own marriage isn’t faring any better, which he isn’t aware of until his wife Karen (Valerie Harper) informs him that she intends to boycott their intended holiday to Rio de Janeiro, and take a separate vacation by herself “to think things over”. This prompts Matthew and Victor to take the journey to Brazil with Nikki and Jennifer.

While there, Jennifer seduces Matthew, and in a moment of weakness, they have sex right there on the beach. The following morning, Jennifer attempts to resume their tryst where they left off, much to Matthew’s reluctance and insistence that it was a once off situation. This doesn’t thwart Jennifer, and she goes as far as to publicly bombard him with racy Polarids of herself. In the meantime, Victor suspects that Jennifer has a new beau, and enlists Matthew’s assistance in uncovering his identity.

Actor/Character Observations: In my opinion, none of the actors appear to be comfortable in their roles. Even Michael Caine doesn’t seem to surpass the material long enough, despite the fact that he’s a very talented actor. Johnson does what she can with the material, in her first leading role, even though she was 17 at the time. This makes her romance with Caine’s character all the more icky, as he was in his 40’s. Nikki isn’t given much to do, save for a scene where she passive aggressively ignores Matthew after witnessing him kiss Jennifer, but that’s the extent of it. Joseph Bologna didn’t really convince me as his character , but he has some comic timing with Caine.

But out of all of these characters, none of them made me more angry than Karen did. Once Matthew inevitably comes clean about his fling with Jennifer, she has the gall to be livid with him, when ( as we eventually learn), she hasn’t exactly been faithful herself. And nobody, not even Matthew, points out that if she hadn’t been so aloof with him in the first place, then he might’t have been so easily tempted by a teenage girl. Yet all blame is directed at Matthew (and to a lesser extent, Jennifer), leaving Karen to escape all retribution for her actions.

Favourite Scene(s) in “Blame it on Rio”: The only time I laughed at all during this movie was during the scene where Victor is poring through Jennifer’s diary in vain to uncover her new partner’s identity. When he reads that he has “lovely blue eyes”, Matthew instantly dons a pair of sunglasses to cover up his eyes. However, my laugh was a half-hearted one, as I felt that the whole situation, despite it being largely played for laughs, was still rather creepy and inappropriate.

Least Favourite Scene(s) in “Blame it on Rio”: It’s hard to pick just one scene that I utterly despised in a movie which seemed to be crammed with unpleasant moments. But the one that takes the cake for me was when Matthew and Victor are forced to share a bed together whilst bickering. Again, it’s played to generate laughs, but the whole subject matter just didn’t seem funny to me in the slightest.

My Take on “Blame it on Rio”: In my opinion, “Blame it on Rio” had the potential to be a memorable movie, but unfortunately the plot doesn’t quite payoff as expected. None of the characters, except Matthew, garnered my sympathy at all, and the entire plot was milking a serious situation for laughs. Towards the end, I never got the impression that any of the characters had learned anything from their exploits, and that they would be likely to slip into their old habits again.

Ratings and Recommendations: I award “Blame it on Rio” with two stars out of five. It just wasn’t riveting enough to capture my attention. As always, if any of you like this movie, that’s dandy, but it just wasn’t to my taste. I wouldn’t recommend “Blame it on Rio” to anyone in particular. If you’re looking for a Michael Caine film to view, I’d redirect you to “The Italian Job” (1967) or Caine’s Oscar winning turn in “Hannah and her Sisters”, the latter which features Caine as a more sympathetic character.





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