Life After Bob…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Choose Your Adventure.” Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world, like nothing could possibly go wrong? Well, I felt that right at this moment! My brother was finally engaged to his girlfriend of three years, Coral. Granted, he did it in a rather unconventional way- by asking Coral to take a look at a new greeting he composed for her art design business. He’d written “Coral, will you marry me”? on the card, not only that, but he stuck the ring on the inside of the card. Luckily, Coral thought the gesture was cute rather than creepy, and accepted his proposal- right after she’d removed every inch of sellotape from the ring, of course!

And as for me? Well, I was studying Veterinary Nursing at the nearby college. I had realized my calling after bonding with Coral over my beloved dog Bob having to be placed in a kennel when I went to live with Gary following our mother’s death, I’d had an epiphany that I wanted to work with animals. Coral had understood- her own beloved puppy had been put down when she was eight years old. That was when I’d started to open up to her, and accept her as my brother’s girlfriend, someone who’d make him happy in the long-term.

Their wedding was to be held in mid- August, and it was already June. The last five months (when I wasn’t living away from home in a small, shared apartment and studying for my exams, for course) had been spent helping Coral to shop for a dress, sorting Gary out with the preparations. You know, the usual Maid of Honour duties.

Even Coral’s uptight, finicky mother Annette hadn’t objected to the impending wedding. This could be called a blessing, as she had become bitter about the very concept of marriage ever since Coral’s father had walked out on them when she was only five years old, and had sworn off marriage since then. Coral had managed to talk her round , and once Annette had realized that Gary was an affable, decent (read: not a cheating douchebag) guy, she withdrew all her previous objections regarding the event.

So, you could say that things were finally starting to look up for one Natalie Diana Solomon. At least until I walked into the living room of Gary’s house and saw my soon to be sister in law curled up on the couch, crying and sniveling her heart out.

“Coral”? I inquired nervously. “What happened to you”? She gazed up at me with sorrowful, red-rimmed eyes.

“Natalie, you’ll never believe what just happened between me and Gary. It’s a complete disaster”!


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I am a lover of books, 80's movies and simply acting of any kind! My blog is mainly about sharing my enjoyment of these interests with people with similar pastimes.

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