For Everything there is a Season…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

I may be in the minority with this, but my all time favourite season has got to be winter. Odd as it might seem, I love the winter. For me, it’s a legitimate reason for me to stay in with a book and a cup of hot chocolate in hand simply bask in the feeling of being “layered up” in additional layers of clothing and just chilling out. Having always been an indoor person, I embrace the winter season, and everything that it brings alongside it- ice skating, sledding or snowball fights. To quote “Frozen, “The cold never bothered me anyway”!

In comparison to why I adore winter, I have also disliked its complete opposite- summer, naturally! It’s not that summer itself is a terrible time of year, but I find the sunshine to feel too heavy on my skin. Part of the reason of not being as fond of summer as most people is due to the fact that my skin is ultra sensitive, and I almost always end up sporting the red lobster look if I stay out in the sun for too long- even if it’s a mild spell of sun!

The cold months have always spoken to me more than the more humid ones. I love Autumn, as it is a season of change, of rebirth, and always leaves me excited for winter. It goes without saying that I’m the only person in my household who enjoy winter and all the home comforts it brings. The rest of my family are quite literal “spring chickens”, and adore the humidity.They can’t see my fascination for the cold. But then again, neither can I when it comes to the heat! While the heat can be soothing, nothing says “comfort” to me than the moist feel of snow upon my flesh.


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I am a lover of books, 80's movies and simply acting of any kind! My blog is mainly about sharing my enjoyment of these interests with people with similar pastimes.

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