R the Goonies still Good Enough?

The 7th of June, 2015 will mark 30 years since a ragbag bunch of misfits known as the “Goonies”, which denotes the fact that they reside in the Goon Docks of Oregon, initially graced our screens in the summer of 1985. The band of plucky kids are composed of leader Mikey, (Sean Astin), his overprotective older brother, Brand (Josh Brolin), gadget man Data (Jonathon Ke Quan),gabby Mouth (Corey Feldman), compulsive eater Chunk (Jeff Cohen), cheerleader Andy (Kerri Green), the object of Brand’s affections, and snarky Stef (Martha Plimpton). Their mission- to find the treasure of fearsome, infamous pirate, One-Eyed Willie, all so they can save their beloved homes from being  converted into a posh country club, instigated by the family of egotistical jock, Troy (Steve Antin).

Along the way, the adolescent group of treasure hunters run afoul of the notorious mafia family, the Fratelli clan, which is headed by evil matriarch Mama Fratelli (Anne Ramsey), along with her bumbling sons Jake (Robert Davi) and Francis (Joe Pantolino). Can the Goonies manage to fend them off and save their homes from destruction?

When I was growing up, nothing cheered me up more than seeing the Goonies go on their quest. In fact, the very holler of “Hey, you guys”! would send me into a fuel of nostalgia (fun fact: the phrase orginated from the 1970’s TV show “The Electric Company”, but is more commonly associated with this movie). The thought of being an extra member with this kids always excited me. I remember particularly loving the friendship that developed between Chunk and Sloth (John Matusak), the third Fratelli brother with a deformed face, over a Baby Ruth candy bar, of all things! Just as “ET: The Extra Terrestrial” cemented my love of Reese’s Pieces, “The Goonies” did the same for Baby Ruths!

It had been years since I had last watched the Goonies, but I decided to revisit an iconic movie of my childhood a few days ago. You know what they say about something from your youth not being quite the way you initially recalled it as? Well, that was precisely the experience I had while rewatching “The Goonies”. For one thing, there’s copious amounts of swearing, especially by many of the kids! Additionally, there’s an entire scene involving a statue of Michaelanglo’s “David”, and its… appendage, which somehow managed to separate itself from the rest of the statue! There’s also a scene where Mouth “helpfully” translates instructions in Spanish for Mikey and Brand’s family maid which allude to drugs and torture devices. As you can imagine, most of the above probably flew quite easily over my head as a youngster, or else I just have a rusty memory from not seeing the movie for a prolonged period of time!

That being said, I very much enjoyed watching this movie, and I reckon that most kids of aged ten years old and up would too. There’s some mild peril and some “jump out of your seat” moments aplenty, but ultimately any kids watching will not care, as they’ll be having too fun a time to notice! I give “The Goonies” and total of 4 out of 5 stars.

The movie’s worth watching also to hear the catchy Cyndi Lauper song “The Goonies R Good Enough”. If you’re in the mood for any “Goonies” parodies, then I’d recommend either “The Goldbergs” or “Bob’s Burgers” respective parody episodes.


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