A Cause for Family Time…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With a Cause.”

For many of us, our work is a vital component of our lives, whether it be school, college or a the demands of a full-time job. While we may try to excel significantly in our professional areas, we invest so much extraneous time to being at the top of our game, that we can sometimes lose sight of the people who are close to us, who ultimately count.

That is, and has often been the case, with me. Several times during my youth, especially during crucial exam times, I would confine myself to my bedroom for hours upon end, studying (yes, I used to be something of a nerd in high school). It got to the point that my mother had to drag me out shopping with her just so I wouldn’t be cooped up inside every day (in retrospect, I thank her dearly for this!)

It was after I finished my big examinations that I came to a sudden epiphany that maybe I was spending too much time obsessing incessantly over grades, and not enough with my family. Armed with this realization, I took it to make it up to them, by easing down on the studying and spending more time with them as a result.

So, if all my demands were already dealt with, I would seize this opportunity to wind down and take it easy with the people who are most dear to me. Of course, I’ve learned since then that I don’t have to forgo working entirely, but to avoid it from taking over my “down time” completely.


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I am a lover of books, 80's movies and simply acting of any kind! My blog is mainly about sharing my enjoyment of these interests with people with similar pastimes.

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